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Pookie's 7" Small 'PAWty' Birthday Cake


I was in a bit of a bind today as one of my 5 fur childrens birthday's creeped up on me. We have a tradition that for each of them, they always get a cake on their birthday. Of course the other four don't go without. I called around town to my normal place that is over in Doctor Phillips and was told that they couldn't make one for me. This sent me on a search. I visited the Pookie's webpage and saw they made cakes. I reached out and the folks there were so kind and understanding of my real dilemma as I was just going to have them make it and pick it up the next day. I explained that I was feeling guilty for forgetting and they said they could help me out today. I was able to pick it up by 1pm. (Not sure they can always do this but it helped relieve the grief I was feeling) The cake was 15 bucks (cheaper than my normal place) and was bigger and smells good enough to eat myself. Thanks to the folks at Pookie's for helping me out and allowing me to celebrate Penelope's birthday on time :) I will be seeing you 5 x's a year now for these great cakes! Thank you!
Date Added: 06/15/2015 by Ronnie Sargent